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Thanks for your interest in promoting my book. I try to create a new product every few months. You also can make money selling my other products. Send an email to to get information about new products as I release them.

Make Money With Your Video Camera is $19.97. You get 50 percent of each sale- that's $8.82 commission per sale. (Clickbank takes their fees before they pay you or me.) Once you set this up it will generate sales for you without any additional work. This is an easy way to make a few hundred extra dollars a month.

You can send your visitors directly to the Make Money With Your Video Camera sales page. For best results, aim your prospects at the sales page using specific endorsements for the book.

Tell your readers why they should buy "Make Money With Your Video Camera" and then tell them to click on your link.

The information below will create links through Clickbank to the sales page.

The book is sold through If you are not already signed up with clickbank you can become an affiliate here:

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If You Sell On Ebay Here Is A Fast And Easy Way To Generate Commissions.

Another great way to sell the Book is on your eBay me page. Just put a simple line in your auctions directing people to your ME page. eBay does not allow you to put links to outside sites in your auctions or blatant advertising on your ME page. You can however put simple text in your auctions telling people to look at your me page for information about selling on eBay or buying and selling collectibles. Then put a link with your Clickbank code on your ME page.

Use language like this in your auction:

See My eBay ME Page To Make Money With Your Video Camera.

You should have this at the top of your auction to get better results. Here's the html you put in your auctions to direct people to your me page. Just copy and paste it into your auctions. (Be sure to replace ebayname with your ebay name.)

Then put the HTML code with your Clickbank ID on your eBay me page.

For more information see eBay Me Page Profits.

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